Studio 65 Tattoo is your tattoo expert in North Iowa. The classy and inviting atmosphere paired with exceptional customer service have set the bar for tattoo establishments. Voted Reader’s Choice Best of North Iowa 2020. We are dedicated to doing quality work, and we always get the job done at the highest standards. Our team is comprised of tattoo artists and apprentices who provide excellent, professional experiences for all of our clients. We always use the highest quality, most technologically advanced methods, equipment and supplies to ensure you are treated like royalty. Experience our work, and see the Studio 65 Tattoo difference.

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Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm Sat: 10am - 2pm
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210 US HWY 18 E
Clear Lake, IA


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Owner/Tattoo Artist 

Merry is an ambitious, passionate, award winning tattooer eager to create for her clients. Merry worked at a variety of studios in Colorado and Iowa and spent time getting tattooed in a variety of shops as well.  In spring of 2016 she decided it was time she ventured out on her own, using the good and bad of what she had experienced at other shops to inspire her to make Studio 65 the best North Iowa has to offer. Not just for clients, but for her devoted team members as well. 
Merry makes it a point to use art to give back to the community as much as possible. You will often find her donating proceeds of tattoos to charities and causes close to her heart. 

Merry loves to take on a variety of pieces,  with an attention to detail you’ve got to see to believe. From the simplest ink to the most complex and ambitious pieces, we promise you’ll leave here happy! 



Tattoo Artist 

Ellie was apprenticed by her sister Merry Brown in 2017. She has a bachelors in Design and Advertising from Iowa State University. Ellie specializes in fine, clean detail work. You will often find her creating soft, delicate floral or duplicating tiny signatures and fingerprints with precision. Come see what Ellie can dream up for you. With attention to detail and some of the cleanest line work around, we know you’ll be satisfied (and likely amazed) at the work you’ll walk away with.



1st Year Artist

Ezra Peterson is the newest addition to the Stdio 65 crew, beginning his apprenticeship in 2019. He blew us away with his portfolio full of beautifully done pen drawings and hyper realistic pet portraits. Ezra is a well rounded artist, and even though he is only in his first year he is capable of knocking out beautiful and complex pieces. You’re sure to leave Ezra’s chair with a piece of art you’ll be proud to show off! 



Cosmetic Tattooer 

Studio 65 is thrilled to host Kristen West all the way from South Georgia every 8 weeks. Kristen is by far one of the most knowledgeable and skilled cosmetic tattooers we have come across. She is avid about using her skills and education to help women feel more beautiful and confident; offering services like microblading, powder brow, lip blushing, permanent eyeliner, and even nipple reconstruction for breast cancer warriors. Her openings fill incredibly fast so get on her books today. 



The Apprentices

TJ & MAC are devoted artists working through their apprenticeship. Both starting mid 2020, we plan to have them taking on small walk-in pieces by 2021. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates! We are thrilled to have them as part of our tattoo family and can’t wait to see what they create! 



Nothing Is Out of Reach



We Proudly Use Saniderm Aftercare 

Your artist will apply an adhesive bandage to your finished tattoo. The bandage can be worn for 6-24 hours depending on how much the tattoo weeps and bleeds. If your bandage starts leaking before the recommended time, take it off and apply a new bandage from your personal pack. 
Before applying a new piece of saniderm:
 -Wash your tattoo with an in scented anti bacterial soap such a Dail Gold using fingertips only. (No wash rags or loofas). 
-Gently pat your tattoo dry, preferably using fresh paper towels. Ensure the area is completely dry and free of any soap residue or lotions.

 -Peel of the white paper backing, ensuring the adhesive remains on the clear plastic. -With your skin in a neutral position apply the sticky adhesive to the skin and gently peel of the clear plastic backing. 
-Leave this second Saniderm bandage on the skin for 3-6 days. Do not exceed 7 days. 

-Remove bandage and wash with unscented soap. Apply another bandage if need or simply follow up with Sanibalm or a white, ultra healing unscented lotion like CeraVe or Lubriderm. 

*An impression of your tattoo will appear on the bandage. That is completely normal! 
*You will notice ink and plasma pooling under the bandage. Totally normal! 

*Some clients with skin sensitivities experience redness and blistering from the adhesives. Slight redness is fine but please remove if it becomes an issue and simply wash your tattoo throughout the day with an unscented soap like Dail Gold and continuously apply a thin layer of Sanibalm. 
*Your tattoo will get extremely itchy around day 4. DO NOT pick at or scratch your tattoo. 

Please know that if you do not purchase our recommended aftercare you opt out of the option to receive a free touch up within a year. Please note that some fading of your tattoo is normal and may not always require a touch up. Do your best to care for your tattoo as instructed and ensure you protect your healed tattoo with a quality sunblock.